Enjoy these various fun facts about pancakes:


Long ago, before yeast and baking soda were used, pancake cooks relied on freshly fallen snow as their secret ingredient for tender pancakes. The ammonia contained in the snow caused the pancakes to turn out light and soft.

Another means of leavening used by early cooks was hardwood ashes. Boiling water was poured over sifted ashes in a cup. The ashes were left to settle, then the remaining liquid was used in the pancakes.

The famous playwright William Shakespeare favored pancakes by mentioning them in a couple of his plays.

In a letter to the London Gazetteer, Benjamin Franklin praised the American vegetable corn and the pancakes made from this the corn by writing:
“Pray let me, an American, affirm that Indian corn, take it all in all, is one of the most agreeable and wholesome grains in the world . . . and that johnnycake or hoecake, hot from the fire, is better than a Yorkshire muffin.”

When baking soda is used in buttermilk pancakes, it does double-duty, cancelling the acidity and sourness of the buttermilk as well as acting as a leavening.

Ever heard of pancake sandwiches? They are are relatively new trend.

Pancakes are ideal for inexperienced bakers to make because of ease and low costs.

Pancakes are actually pourable batter-type quick breads.

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