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For Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner—Pancakes Are A winner!

Welcome, pancake lovers! This site is dedicated to you. Whether your ideal pancake is thick, airy, and golden; or thin, crispy, and brown, you’ll find something here to tempt your taste buds and send you running for your pancake spatula.

This is your one-stop site for pancake history, facts, recipes, tips, pancake restaurant reviews, pancakes in the news, pancake mixes, syrups, pancake-making supplies, even fun-shaped pancake molds! If it’s pancake-related, you’ll find it here.

Pancakes are more than just syrup-soakers. They are easy to make, wonderful to eat, and the varieties are as endless as the topping choices. What’s not to love about pancakes?

It’s time to celebrate the enduring breakfast food that is delicious enough to take over brunch, lunch, dessert, even dinner. Hurray for the pancake!


Featured Pancake Mix of the Month:

Sweet Extravagance:

40 Specialty Pancakes

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