Valentine Pancakes

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Nothing says “I love you” quite like Valentine pancakes. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your sweetie with a thoughtful breakfast or brunch that you make yourself.

Transform ordinary pancakes into Valentine pancakes easily with the following tips:

1. A heart-shaped pancake is very impressive, but very easy to make. Fill a squeeze bottle or decorator bag with pancake batter, then free-hand a heart on the heated pancake griddle. Another option is to use a handy heart-shaped pancake mold. You’ll get perfect results, every time.

2. Tint the pancake batter with red food coloring, or make maraschino-cherry studded pancakes by mixing some chopped cherries into the pancake batter. Replace some of the liquid in the recipe with some maraschino cherry juice for a delicate pink hue. Very pretty!

3. Simply sprinkle some tiny pastel candy hearts onto the cooking pancake before you flip it.

And don’t forget presentation! Arrange those pancakes in a neat stack on a platter or your sweetie’s plate. Sprinkle some little candy hearts around the pancakes, and/or, top the pancakes with a little heart-shaped pat of butter. You may even want to try pouring the syrup on in a heart shape, but depending on the thickness of the syrup, that may be a little difficult to control!

Finally, what better way to start Valentine’s Day than by serving your sweetie breakfast in bed? Valentine pancakes are the perfect treat to serve!

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