Pumpkin Pancakes: Recipes & Mixes!

Fall is in the air and it’s the perfect time for pumpkin pancakes!

We’ve put togetherĀ a delicious collection of pumpkin pancake resources that is sure to delight your taste buds:

Pumpkin Pancake Recipes:

At-Home Pumpkin Pancakes

Apple-Pumpkin Oven Pancake Recipe

Libbys Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

Pumpkin Pancake Mixes:

Fall Serving Platters:

And for serving those pumpkin pancakes, don’t forget presentation. A fall harvest platter gives the perfect finishing touch!

Pancake Restaurants

Also keep in mind that this is the time of year that the restaurants also break out their pumpkin pancake recipes. Stop in at your local breakfast restaurants and see for yourself, or call ahead.

We’ve seen pumpkin pancakes offered at these restaurants:

The Original Pancake House

Finally, Please let us know about any restaurant where you’ve enjoyed great pancakes, whether it be pumpkin or any other kind!

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