Serve Pancakes for a Baby Shower

Looking for a unique, yet easy and tasty food to serve at a baby shower?  Why not serve pancakes?  Baby showers are usually held during late morning or lunch, so a pancake brunch would be perfect.  Simply whip up a big batch of basic pancakes ahead of time, then keep them warm in the oven.  Alternately, you could make and serve the pancakes during the shower, since they cook up so quickly.

Popular pancake varieties include chocolate chip, blueberry, or strawberries and cream.  Keep the season and party theme in mind.  If you’re having a fall “little pumpkin” baby shower, make pumpkin pancakes.  Winter?  Eggnog pancakes.  Make heart-shaped pancakes in February.  You get the idea!

You could even set up a pancake bar, complete with flavored syrups, butter, whipped cream, fruit, nuts, and chocolate chips, sausages, and eggs.

Feeling creative?  Why not pour the pancake batter in a squeeze bottle and use this to create fun “baby shape” pancakes, such as the letter “B” for baby? Another fun baby-related idea is to sprinkle the batter with tiny colorful baby-themed edible candies, which you can find at a party store, baking store, or online.

However you choose to serve the pancakes, your guests will surely flip for joy!

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